Error in Start-Process

First time user of the app deploy toolkit. I’m trying to create my first deployment and running into an issue calling my installer. I wrote this in the Installation section of the deploy-application.ps1:

Start-Process -FilePath ".\Files\vspy3_install.exe" -ArgumentList "/VERYSILENT" -Wait

When I run the script, I get an error window that says “\pathtoscript\deploy-application.ps1:140 char:3” and prints out the Start-Process line from above. I thought maybe I have a syntax error or the silent install switch isn’t correct, but I can run that same command in the regular Powershell terminal and it installs the application fine.

Any suggestions on what I could check next?


execute-process -path “vspy3_install.exe” -arguments “/VERYSILENT” -wait

-path automatically looks for what is in the Files folder. You can also use -path “$dirfiles\some folder” for the tool to look for any exes/msis/content which are in sub directories.

What’s the difference between Start-Process and Execute-Process?

Start-Process is defined by powershell and Execute-Process is a wrapper around Start-Process defined by PSADT.

Execute-Process does some neat tricks along with logging. It resolves wildcards, waits by default and searches in $dirFiles. The following command will run a file called “SomeSetup_x64-1.3.2.exe” if its found in $dirFiles (.\Files) and wait for the process to finish.

Execute-Process -Path “SomeSetup*.exe”