Dropbox Silent Uninstall

I’m trying to uninstall Dropbox with Execute-Process. This is the command I’m using…
Execute-Process -Path “C:\Program Files\Dropbox\Client\DropboxUninstaller.exe” -Parameters “/InstallType:MACHINE /S” -ContinueOnError $true".

The command runs and the logs show that it completed with Error Code 0, but yet Dropbox remains installed. I manually ran the Uninstaller and watched what processes this command kicks off. I’m finding that it actually launches “AU_.EXE /InstallType:Machine /S _?=C:\Program Files\Dropbox\Client” and then either it or AU kicks off “Dropbox.exe /Self_uninstall /InstallType:Machine /KillEveryone:YES”. When the Dropbox.exe finishes, with AU still running, it launches a few more processes with Dropbox.exe and different parameters to get everything uninstalled.

But what I am seeing using Execute-Process is that AU_.exe & the first Dropbox process run, but nothing after that. It seems to me that I need to wait for these other processes to complete. Is there a parameter that can be used to make this work? Any ideas?

I can just use an SCCM Program to run “cmd.exe /c (“C:\Program Files\Dropbox\Client\DropboxUninstaller.exe” /InstallType:MACHINE /S)” as system. It works just fine, but I have other commands I need to use PADT for.


I would check this out


this script no longer exists, I made my own, it removes the dropbox from the system, it also takes as a parameter the username from which the dropbox is installed, I hope it will be useful to someone =)

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Cool script, thank you;)