Detection of defaultuser0 OOBE or ESP process forces all deployments to silent (InTune)

Hey Guys,

I have tried out version 3.9.1 of the toolkit but this seems to be forcing all deployments into silent mode for me, even if its an install in the full OS not in OOBE or a SCCM task sequence, including user initiated installs via software center.

It seems like a feature added in 3.9.0 called “Added detection of defaultuser0 OOBE or ESP process to enable Non-Interactive deployment mode for Intune Autopilot/ESP scenarios.” might be the cause, but I’m not sure on what specifically has caused this to happen.

Even trying to force interactive mode with -DeployMode Interactive does not help. The log says “Autopilot OOBE user [my currently logged in user] or ESP process ‘wwahost’ detected, changing deployment mode to silent.” Is it simply detecting if wwahost is running? It is running on that device, but it is outside of a task sequence/OOBE.

For now I am sticking with version 3.8.4 of the toolkit since it does not have this detection. It seems like wwahost might be used for a few things outside of task sequences/oobe, such as UWP apps?

While I do not have access to InTune yet, one person has mentioned using ServiceUI.EXE to allow interaction with users. Show-InstallationRestartPrompt in Intune - #5 by Leytachi
See also: Powershell script InTune win32app deployment command

If you have success please report back.