Show-InstallationRestartPrompt in Intune

Hi, I’m running a simple command to inform an end user that their device needs to do a restart.

Show-InstallationRestartPrompt -NoCountdown

I got the package executed via CMD and confirm getting the prompt. However, when I uploaded the package into Intune, there is no prompt and I’m getting this message in the logs:

Bypass Installation Restart Prompt [Mode: NonInteractive]

I do confirm that the package is set Interactive by default in Param: [string]$DeployMode = ‘Interactive’

What am I missing? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Show-InstallationRestartPrompt is a GUI.

It doesn’t show because PSADT is being run NonInteractive somehow under Intune.

Look earlier in the log file as to why.

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Can you show a screenshot from Intune as to how toy are running the PSADT?

I think its a ring 0 vs 1 issue

I wish I could help you there. I don’t have access to InTune installation.
Maybe someone who does could help.

Using ServiceUI.exe, I managed to run PSADT as Interactive Mode via Intune, but oddly the installation prompt of PSADT is not appearing.

I ended up forgoing the installation prompt by PSADT, and instead using the device restart configuration in Intune itself to issue the prompt.

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