Deploying Office 365 using PSADT

Hi guys,

I need your help on how can i deploy Office 365 using PSADT please. Also please correct me if i am doing something wrong.

I need to use PSADT so that when I deploy this on a machine, they will get prompted to close their MS Office before the installation will run. I will be deploying this via SCCM

Inside the “Files” folder of PSADT contains the O365 installer:

When installing Office 365 manually using command line, the command is “setup.exe /configure configuration.xml” (NO QUOTES).

How do I do this for PSADT? When this gets deployed, it will be sitting on c:\windows\ccmcache. What series of commands do i put here on the highlighted one so that it will install?

I wanted to add scripts for pre-installation so it can detect whether there are other versions of office or other office products that needs to be uninstalled. I believe i found this script somewhere in the forums here.

Hoping for your immediate assistance.


That depends. If you Copy the files to "c:\windows\ccmcache before you launch it:
Execute-Process -Path "c:\windows\ccmcache\setup.exe" -Parameters "/configure configuration.xml"

If you launch it from \Files\ then it’s:
Execute-Process -Path "$DirFiles\setup.exe" -Parameters "/configure configuration.xml"

and YES

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Execute-Process -Path "setup.exe" -Parameters "/Configure `"$dirFiles\configuration.xml`""

Make sure you escape the inside double quotes with a backtick, otherwise it will throw an error that the configuration.xml cannot be found.

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It’s working! thank you so much for your help!

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