Deploy Forced Reboot to a System

  1. I am trying to create a forced reboot with a pop up window using SCCM.
  2. I have a script ready working manually. I also tested by opening cmd as a system and everything is working.

However when i try to deploy as an application or as a package i am not seeing a window. I think its related to a profile "but i have tested as a system?

I have seen on this forum that i should be using “ServiceUIx86.exe” Deploy-Application.exe or
%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\qprocess.exe * | find /i “explorer.exe” >nul 2>&1 && (%~dp0ServiceUIx64.exe %~dp0Deploy-Application.exe Install) || (%~dp0Deploy-Application.exe Install)
The only issue i still have is is with SCCM detection method. Not sure what to look for and be able to rerun this wekly?
Can someone please help me understand what i am doing wrong and have missed?

Hi there!

Sounds like you are missing a simple checkbox
Applications and packages have an option to allow the user to interact, for a package its in the environment tab. For an application its in the user experiance tab and its called “Allow users to view and intreract with the program installation”

No need for serviceUI
A package will let you rerun weekly.
Also no requirement for the working directory Deploy-Application will be fine.
Hope this helps.

PS if you want to get really fancy with your task using the toolkit have a look at this.


thank you for the reply. I have made a change and able to run a package.
However i do have a new issue. When user is not logged the OS does not reboot and i see the following in the log file:
Bypass Installation Restart Prompt [Mode: NonInteractive]
Is there any way to get around it?
Thank you

This will be changed in the next version of the toolkit. With the version you have, you will need to either modify the function or put an if statement after it where you check if the deploymode is NonInteractive and restart the computer.