Deploy-Application.exe functionality and lack of documentation

Is there official documentation on how to properly use Deploy-Application.exe? Or can someone explain its intended functionality with examples? I believe there are some bugs (and room for improvement) in the code, but I need to know how it’s intended to function before I try to fix them.

Alas no!

What I do know:
-Deploy-Application.exe checks if the \AppDeployToolkit\ folder exist and refuses to continue without it.
-Deploy-Application.exe is hardcoded to launch only Deploy-Application.PS1
-Deploy-Application.exe passes any of its parameters to Deploy-Application.PS1

If anybody has more info to add, I’ll create a new issue on GitHub and add it to the pile.

PS: I have a custom version of Deploy-Application.exe that launches a .PS1 that matches the name of the EXE but I have not checked if the v3.9.x versions can do this or not.

I did find the pdf in the download, which was helpful to confirm what you said. It appears that it is intended to forward on all command line arguments as-is to Deploy-Application.ps1, with the exception of the /32 argument. I see some issues. What is the best way to report, or should I just do a PR?

Example of an issue:
if (commandLineArgs.Exists(x => x.StartsWith("-File “)))
else if (commandLineArgs.Exists(x => x.StartsWith(”-Command ")))

The two above lines will never match because the command line arguments are delimited by spaces into a list using this command:
List commandLineArgs = new List(Environment.GetCommandLineArgs());

The space after -File and -Command in the if statements will never exist to be matched.