-DeferTimes question

Hi all,
I’m building a package for a Client which will be deployed using Intune and they need to have the defer option.
This is working on my test device and have I set the Deferral to “1” as they need this rolled out quickly.

Once the Package has been deferred by the user, how long does it take for the package to attempt the install again? My understanding is that the package will install the next time the device is rebooted. Is this correct or is there anything else can trigger the install?

The client is asking is we are able to set the deferral time to 12 hours but I don’t think that’s possible using PSADT?

Also if the User doesn’t reboot their device for a few days, does that mean the package won’t attempt to install again unless until a reboot has happened?

Sorry for the lengthy message, any feedback is much appreciated.


If the machine of the user is managed through Intune, then the Intune service will check again every 8 hours if the installation was done.