Deferment function - Intune deployment

Hi Team,

We are started using of PSADT tool for Intune deployments recently. The script is helping a lot for packaging and deployments. We are using defer with Show-InstallationWelcome function to show notification to users to close the running apps or postpone the installation.
Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps ‘PBIDesktop’ -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 5 -CheckDiskSpace -PersistPrompt -CloseAppsCountdown 300

Getting the notification and installation, postpone working will when we test manually. But when we do the deployment from Intune with command ServiceUI.exe -process:explorer.exe Deploy-Application.exe users can able to see the notification, when they selected defer/postpone Intune is retrying to install immediately after 5 minutes means users again getting the popup after 5 minutes.
As per Microsoft Intune will retry the failed deployments in 5 mins interval for 3 times after that it will not try to rerun the deployment for 24 hours.

We are looking to defer the installation for 1 hour and any such time, once user clicks on defer button the notification should reappear after the specified time.
Could you please let me is there any feasibility from PSADT tool to achieve this and do we need to follow any other tweaks from Intune to retry the deployment after specified time.

Very much appreciate your help.!

I didn’t find topic related to this when I search for, please post links ifany previous discussions on this.

Someone did create exactly what you want as an extension but did not post the code here or on GitHub.

I never got a copy so someone else will have to post the code or recreate the extension.

@That-Annoying-Guy Thanks for responding.

Microsoft telling that they don’t have options to increase retry interval form intune( 5 mins waiting time for next retry). So how can we make use of defer function of PSADT for intune deployments.
Please suggest if you have any other ways/ideas.