Copy folder only

Hello everyone,
I am using PSAppDeployToolkit v 3.7.0 and i have a simple question.
Is it possible to copy file only without install or uninstall anything?
I want to copy a Firefox configuration file into the install folder to push a start page preference.
It must be necessary to close firefox.exe process before copy the configuration file.
What is the method to do this without run any install or uninstall process?
Thank you very much!

Hi Jul,

this is very possible indeed, I’ve made quite a few configuration scripts where I did not need to install a piece of software. To ensure that Firefox is closed first if running, you will need this line in the ‘Pre-Installation’ phase:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps 'firefox'

This is at line 120 of the Deploy-Application.ps1 script by default, you can just modify it to your needs.

Your file copy operations would go in the ‘Installation’ phase (line 131)

You can have a look at the toolkit’s word doc for available variables/functions to help you do what you need. Just ensure to not include an MSI under the script’s “.\Files” folder so it does not get installed automatically.

From there, this is just getting comfortable with Powershell and the toolkit’s helper functions.

Happy experimentation!


Thank you Johann,
I ll try this!