Citrix VDA Workstation Core version 2305

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long post but hopefully someone can help. I am still new to using PSADT and can only do basics but this one so far would be my most challenging one.

I am in the process of utilizing PSADT to install an app called Citrix VDA Workstation Core version 2305 and replace the older version of it which is version 1912.

Here is the order on how I believe it need to be done to completely install this:

  1. Uninstall version 1912 by running Citrix’s CleanupUtility.exe.
  2. The computer reboots.
  3. Log back in on the computer, computer will reboot again.
  4. Log back in and Install the version 2305.
  5. Reboot the computer to finalize the install.

Here’s what I coded so far:

  1. The highlighted one above does not seem to work for some reason. Powershell will justrun and says Installation in progress. If I run the installer manually it takes 5 minutes and it will do a restart. But i’ve been waiting for 30 mins so far and nothing seems to be happening.

2. If i remove the highlighted code on Item 1, and just retain the Execute-Process -Path “VDAWorkstationSetup_2305.exe” -Parameters “/quiet /noreboot”, the install works completely fine.

Just some additional info:

  • The VDACleanupUtility.exe is needed to easily cleanly uninstall the older version prior to installing the newer version. However it reboots the machine twice.

Now my questions are the following:

  1. How can I check the logs from my script so I can see what is going on and where and what is failing?
  2. I think the command to run VDACleanupUtility.exe is valid but how come it just gets stuck on the Installation in Progress window?
  3. Is PSADT able to handle this if the VDACleanupUtility.exe requires two reboots?

Hoping for your assistance. Thanks.


To PSADT, VDACleanupUtility.exe is a black box.
You have to figure out how to make VDACleanupUtility.exe create its own log file to see what is going on.

And yes, PSADT can do reboots.

One thing you do not mention is what will launch PSADT. something tells me it won’t be manual.


Thanks for your response.

Yeah I was wondering how can I call PSADT after it restarts.

Would you have any idea how can I call PSADT to continue where it left? I tried to look for any posts/topics here but cant find one.

Im trying to stay away from App deployment using Task Sequence from SCCM if possible. Thank you.


There are different ways.

I usually have the user just relaunch the installation and have a way to skip the uninstall section.

Or I use a startup shortcut that relaunches PSADT.

In some situations, SCCM will retry the installation. I just don’t remember what that situation was right now.

I know another packager who created a scheduled task to continue the installation.

CleanupUtility requires multiple reboots. I would suggest using a task sequence.


Yeah it does reboot the computer twice and only after logging in on the second reboot I can then start installing the later version.

Thank you so much Frank. Will start doing this using Task Sequence.