Citrix VDA installation - Exit Code 3

I’m new to PSADT and facing a problem I don’t know how to handle.
I’m trying to deploy Citrix VDA using PSADT 3.8.0.
It’s failing with the following log

|[Installation] :: Working Directory is [C:\Tools\VDA.2\Files].|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:35:43|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Executing [C:\Tools\VDA.2\Files\VDAWorkstationCoreSetup_1909.exe /quiet /components remotepc /controllers "xxx xxx" /enable_remote_assistance /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /logpath C:\Windows\Logs\Software /noreboot]...|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:35:43|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Execution failed with exit code [3].|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Close the installation progress dialog.|Close-InstallationProgress|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Citrix_VDAWorkstation_1909_x64_EN_01 Installation completed with exit code [3].|Exit-Script|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Check if PowerPoint is in either fullscreen slideshow mode or presentation mode...|Test-PowerPoint|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: PowerPoint application is not running.|Test-PowerPoint|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: PowerPoint is running in fullscreen mode [False].|Test-PowerPoint|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Display balloon tip notification asynchronously with message [Installation en échec.].|Show-BalloonTip|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: [C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe] is a valid fully qualified path, continue.|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Working Directory is [C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0].|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: Executing [C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe [PowerShell ScriptBlock]]...|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: NoWait parameter specified. Continuing without waiting for exit code...|Execute-Process|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|
|[Installation] :: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Exit-Script|02/04/2020 13:37:31|7780 (0x1E64)|

Can someone help me handle this exit code ?
I’ve changed this in the Deploy-Application.ps1 file :

	## Variables: Exit Code
	[int32]$mainExitCode = 3

but it doesn’t work.
I need to mention that this exit code is OK for Citrix VDA and means it requires a restart.

I could change this line in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 but I doubt it’s the right way to do this :
If (($AllowRebootPassThru) -and ((($msiRebootDetected) -or ($exitCode -eq 3010)) -or ($exitCode -eq 1641)))
Thanks for your help

Execute-Process -Path “VDAWorkstationCoreSetup_1912.exe” -Parameters ‘/controllers “xxxxxx” /enable_hdx_ports /enable_hdx_udp_ports /enable_real_time_transport /enable_remote_assistance /noreboot /quiet’ -IgnoreExitCodes ‘3’ -PassThru

Thanks for your quick reply, I’m checking this right away
EDIT : Works like a charm. Thanks a lot

Make use of -PassThru there.

$myvariable = Execute-Process -Path “VDAWorkstationCoreSetup_1912.exe” -Parameters ‘/controllers “xxxxxx” /enable_hdx_ports /enable_hdx_udp_ports /enable_real_time_transport /enable_remote_assistance /noreboot /quiet’ -IgnoreExitCodes ‘3’ -PassThru

if ($myvariable.ExitCode -eq 3) {
 $mainExitCode = 3010

Then add -AllowRebootPassThru as a parameter for Deploy-Application.exe and it will return 3010 which is Success with reboot. If you dont add -AllowRebootPassThru, it will get silenced.
SCCM handles 3010 nicely, because it asks the user to reboot the machine when they have time.

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Thanks for the advice.
I’ll try this as soon as possible