ChatGTP improving my workflow

How many of you have used AI to improve your application packaging process? Would the toolkit itself benefit from using AI to be improved in any way?

I have used ChatGPT to create better detection scripts for my applications which are deployed via Intune. I would input the registry keys I need for detection and then ChatGPT would output the full detection script for me. I have even asked it to create new functions to use in detection scripts like “Get-CurrentLoggedOnUser” to be able to use when the application is deployed in the system context to detect items in the user profile.

Please share what you have done.

I use ChatGPT quite regularly for creating ‘templated’ scripts (I acknowledge that they may not always be correct / accurate as the way something is done in 2023 may be different to how it was done before September 2019), but the idea of saving me some time writing the templated code appeals
I especially find using ChatGPT useful when creating correct RegEx’s as computers are usually always better at creating RegEx’s than Humans are on 1st attempt :wink:
I have even tried asking ChatGPT to use the PSADT in the script, sadly it just vaguely states to unpack the Toolkit.
I haven’t yet found a real world packaging problem to throw at ChatGPT, but in time I’m sure the opportunity will arise