Toolkit install of just registry and files but not an application

Does anyone have suggestions for installing configurations items such as registry or files, and change the detection from the Application GUID to a specific registry entry?
I am trying to install some system and user reg and or file entries as System Account and have figured out how to do that. These edits need to happen only if the application is installed…and is not dependent on a specific version of the application. We would like to deploy this package without an installer in it, and will probably push our latest package after this configuration is complete.
So, I have our latest ADT ps1 without the application we are installing, and I commented out the app install line. I will also need to figure out the top section where the ADT asks for the version and app name…not sure what I need here, as I am just installing some reg and file changes if the application, any version of it, exists on the machine.
Next thing, is getting the Toolkit to return success if the reg and file entries are completed, or exist.
Any help with configuring the top variable section and how to do detection, for a configuration only package using the App Deploy Toolkit, would be helpful. Searched for a bit and didn’t find any posts similar to what I am wanting to do.
Thanks, Jeff

TL;DR: you want a tweaking PSADT script that installs if a certain application is detected and return an appropriate exit-code (0 or 10). so…

If ( Test-path "<path to MyApp.EXE>" ) {
	Write-Log "Found MyApp. Tweaking..."

	#perform the Registry and file changes
	Write-Log "The tweaking of MyApp was a success"
	#Will exit with 0 when it reaches the end of this script 
} Else {
	Write-Log "ERROR: MyApp.exe was NOT found"
	[int32]$mainExitCode = 10
	Exit-Script -ExitCode $mainExitCode	 

Thanks for that reply. I was looking at that and added the $configToolKitRegPath also to my install, if it detected the reg key for the user was good to go. You helped me a bunch. Thanks again.

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