Certificate Install via PowerShell P7B

Hello Everyone:

I have certificate file with the extension P7B and I need to install via PowerShell to around 50 machines, and P7B is a group of certificate files.
For manual install when I right click on the File.P7B I can see command Install Certificate and if I double click on the certificate it will open the file not brining the Certificate Install Wizard, but the install Certificate will bring the Install Wizard, is there anything in PowerShell or PSADT to execute the Install Wizard like the way we run manually by right click on the file and Install Certificate?

I tried Import-Certificate , also tried Certutil so far no luck.

Thank you

Hello Wahd,

use Powershell CMDlet Import-Certificate -Path “Your Cert” -CertStoreLocation “Where do you want your cert”

e. .g import-certificate -path file.p7b -CertStoreLocation cert:\localmachine\root