Can I execute Execute-Msi as a job?

Can I execute Execute-Msi as a job? I can’t, can I? The job’s scope won’t include all of the PSADT variables, will it?

Why would I want to do this? I’m trying to remove any/all Autodesk products from computers. I’m retrieving a list of installed products from HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\UPI2. The problem I have is that some of the uninstalls hang, and I’d like the script to only wait so long before moving on to the next uninstall. A job is the way to do this, right? (I’m full of questions/doubt).

Yes you are right about launching Execute-MSI as a job. each job is a new instance/environment of powershell.

It should be doable but if the uninstalls are truly are hanging then you will not get clean uninstalls.
You might end up just rebuilding all those computers if you do it that way.
You should try to force log files during uninstalls to find out what is the problem.