Automatic PSADT log collect trough SCCM

Hi Team,

I want to collect all installation logs from “C:\windows\Logs\Software” through SCCM. I am looking for a way to option collect it from SCCM console.

Do we have that in PSADT already.

Could you help on it.

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In order of preference:

  1. Add a bit of PS code to your Deploy-Application.ps1 that will copy the (completed) log file to a network share just before the PSADT script exits. This way, you have the logs locally and on network share.
  2. Set the log file directory (in AppDeployTollkitConfig.xml) to a network share instead of “C:\windows\Logs\Software”.
  3. Add a script to SCCM that will copy the log files to your desired location. Run this script from SCCM whenever you need/want to collect the logs. Obviously, the last option would be least desirable because the PCs would need to be online whenever you run your collection script.

What a great question! The idea posted wouldn’t work in a large Enterprise. I’m curious what other ideas people would have.

Why would this not work in a large enterprise?