Manual deployment without SCCM

Do any of you push out packages made with PSAppDeplyToolkit manually without using SCCM? I was wondering about testing with PSExec on a few machines without having to rely on SCCM, but I couldn’t figure out how to run the exe’s from a UNC share.

Let me know,

Yes, PSADT is completely modular. You can use it as a standalone script or incorporate it in configmgr, kace, etc.

Just make sure your pathing is correct. Note that most configuration management tools copy the contents to a temporary share and then execute. maybe try that instead of using unc if you cant figure out the pathing resolution.

I always test manually prior to having the package imported into SCCM. I try to simulate it running as the SYSTEM account so it mimics the SCCM behaviour as closely as possible. I do this by first starting a Powershell session elevated as an Administrator. Then using psexec -i -s I create a new powershell session.

Start-Process psexec.exe -ArgumentList ‘-i -s powershell.exe -executionpolicy Bypass’ -WindowStyle Hidden -Verb runAs