Assistance needed

Let me start out by saying that my knowledge of Powershell is limited. I have multiple applications that I need to deploy silently if it is an upgrade but deploy the regular way with a ending notification if it is a new install. Is there a way to do this all in PSADT? I don’t want to create Global Conditions in Configuration Manager for each application if I don’t need to.


you can change toolkit’s deploymode mid-installation however it will only affect the following code obviously. With this in mind, you can deploy the application silently and at the start check whether it is installed already and if it isnt then change the deploymode to interactive.
The variable is $deployModeSilent . Set it to $true if you want no PSADT UI, or $false otherwise.
$deployModeNonInteractive controls a couple of things too so you should set it also to the same value.