Show-InstallationPrompt -Message with encoding


I have searched on the community for an answer or something point me into the right way on how to encode for UTF 8 in -message without find anything.

what I have tested without luck:
Show-InstallationPrompt -Message ‘You can customize text to appear at the end of an install or remove it completely for unattended installations.’ -encoding UTF8

I need to use some Swedish special characters in the -messege .
Hope someone can point me in the right way how to use encoding in message.

Save Deploy-Application.ps1 with the encoding: UTF8 with BOM.

do not really understand what you mean, can you give a example

Open the file Deploy-Application.ps1 in a text editor a change the encoding and then save.
For example: in notepad++ you open the file and then select Encoding in the menu up top, then convert to UTF8-BOM, then save.