Vulnerability with $dirAppDeployTemp

Can anyone tell me when/how the temp folder is used? The issue is that it creates a temporary folder with Modify User permissions and dumps a bunch of files in there which is a big security vulnerability. This is the variable name $dirAppDeployTemp which is configured in the AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml as “Toolkit_TempPath”. You can set it to any path you want but as I said, it leaves files behind after install with user permissions. I would think the folder would be deleted after install/uninstall or at least lock the permissions to admins only.

Hi, can you describe a bit more about your environment and why this is a “big security vulnerability” for you? Is it only an issue if the temporary folder PSAppDeployToolkit is created under C:\Windows\Temp?

You can search for the $dirAppDeployTemp variable in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 for functions that use it.

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The permissions on that folder and files for me appear to allow users to read&execute, but not modify. For example, the folder is there during execution when you use option to block apps.

When I attempt to use standard user rights to edit any of those files, I cannot.

Double check the permissions you’re seeing there, as I certainly don’t see modify permissions.

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The temp folder inherits the permissions from the parent folder. In our case, the parent folder had Modify rights so I had to write new code in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 to break folder inheritance and force Read&Execute rights.


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