Uninstall passwords required for FireEye endpoint agent

In my normal cmd line uninstalls that I use in a .bat, I format it like:

MsiExec.exe /quiet /norestart /X {9B08ED70-BDDE-4B3A-A9F8-CC897012D528} UNINSTALL_PASSWORD=SolarWinds123 /l*vx c:\temp\fireeye.txt

In the example from the Help file to uninstall using a product code:

Execute-MSI -Action ‘Uninstall’ -Path ‘{26923b43-4d38-484f-9b9e-de460746276c}’

I can’t seem to find whether it’s possible or even allowed to use the UNINSTALL_PASSWORD feature. Is this possible? Am I trying to use the wrong function?

How does Execute-MSI -Action ‘Uninstall’ differ from Remove-MSIApplication?

Try this:

[String]$AppMSIArgs = 'UNINSTALL_PASSWORD=SolarWinds123'
Execute-MSI -Action Install -Path ‘{26923b43-4d38-484f-9b9e-de460746276c}’  -AddParameters $AppMSIArgs

The MSI log file stuff is handled in the XML.

This is all covered in the PDF.
BTW: The PDF for 3.9.x is better than previous versions and most is applicable to previous 3.8.x versions.

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Excellent. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and educate. I’m off to grab the new PDF now.

Thank you

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