Uninstall from user profile exe

Hi, guys help us,

user runs exe in this case think-cell app and install it under C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\think-cell\

under this dir there is uninstall.bat

in this bat there is
msiexec /x {959C88EE-B446-4E01-A202-FC61576D252D} %*

how to handle properly uninstall from user profile? when we running from sccm with msi installed files all is fine, it works we cat remove all installed msi, and we catch by guid.

we are stuck removing from use profile. any idea? thanks.

Hi, for this we use a an extra toolkit we put in the Files folder. To be sure it runs we first copy the nested toolkit to a location where the user has at least run permissions. And then launch that with Execute-ProcessAsUser from the main toolkit. Put the uninstall commandlines in the nested toolkit. Don’t forget to edit the AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml and put the Toolkit_RequireAdmin to False in the nested toolkit.
Afterwards remove the copied toolkit.
For us this works since we install to logged on users only.
Hope this might help you a bit.