Tools that Tie into PSADT

Afternoon all, currently working to get Master Packager approved in my corporation, but not having success due to some concerns from other areas of the company. Other than Master Packager, are there any other tools that tie in with packaging via PSADT?

Depending on what deployment platform you are using there may be other scripted solutions that meet your requirements.
There are quite a lot of solutions out there, If you are using Intune and you have a good grasp on Entra ID, Managed Identities and PowerShell scripting you could consider Intune App Factory which will wrap apps in PSADT as part of the packaging step

Other full products to consider are PatchMyPC

Microsoft have also introduced Enterprise App Management which is an addition to the Microsoft Intune suite, this may solve some packaging challenges (if you have the budget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

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