Potential Side Hustle?

Has anybody on here considered packaging applications for small to medium size business as a side hustle?

Honestly, I’d do it for free… I love packaging!

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The small team I work with have talked about this (- but not seriously!), for example, setting up a company together, with dreams of :money_mouth_face:

On a related note, is there a market for teaching PSADT? Does anyone do this? I started using PSADT a few years ago and I quite enjoyed the learning curve but when you’re facing something from scratch it can be quite a challenge. I had to get the rest of my team up to speed, show them the essentials. How about teaching PSADT? How to use PSADT, to fully understand its capabilities, throw in some PowerShell basics if needed ( - I appreciate the more skilled you are in PowerShell, the more you can do with PSADT). This forum is an excellent resource, but some people just prefer the classroom environment. Might be good for enterprise environments. I see there is an Application Packaging course on Udemy, but only a single module dedicated to PSADT. Perhaps that’s fine for starters.

Hello @Loftis83, yes I’d consider this side hustle. Let me know if still need this.

…packaging is an art.

observing the edges, contextualising the nuances, scoffing at the pretences.

…or is art imitating packaging?