SOLVED - dpinst [Installation] :: Execution failed with exit code [256].

Im injecting drivers into my windows 7 mashine with dpinst

The issue im having is that when i run this line
Execute-Process “$env:ProgramFiles\Driver\dpinst.exe” -Parameters “/S /Path “”$env:ProgramFiles\Driver\CustomDrivers”"" -WindowStyle ‘Normal’

I get the exit code 256

DPinst.exe returns exit code 256 (DWORD: 0x00000100) if the driver installation is successful as per the below article from Microsoft:

How to i work around this so the exit code become 0 and the installation went well?

//Regards LongQ

I found the solution.

ADD -IgnoreExitCodes ‘256’ to the line

Execute-Process “$env:ProgramFiles\Driver\dpinst.exe” -Parameters “/S /Path “”$env:ProgramFiles\Driver\CustomDrivers””” -WindowStyle ‘Normal’ -IgnoreExitCodes ‘256’