Show-InstallationProgress not hided in 3.8.4

I have using toolkit version 3.8.4 right now and during a test i see that the Show-InstallationProgress is not closed during the EXIT phase.
Doe other also see this behavior?

No, Exit-Script calls Close-InstallationProgress that closes this Show-InstallationProgress. It did in previous versions and it does in this one as well. Did you update the toolkit correctly? Did you modify these functions?

I will do a re-check and come back to it.

Strange 2nd time it did continue…i will watch this closely now…
I did not make changes to the default 3.8.4 template, so it was strange that it did go wrong.

I did see it earlier however, but that was with version 3.8.2.

For now close this case.

Considering how many people downloaded the latest version, I think we would have lots more people complaining about such a noticeable bug. But if you notice it again, please provide more details so we can fix it, if there is a bug.

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