Set Log Name for MSI logs gloablly

I have been able to set the regular install and uninstall log file name to the format that i want. I have however not been able to locate where i do this for MSI log files globally.

For instance:
I have a executable that runs and it will call a msi installer. The main toolkit log file will generate a log file called HP_Test_install.log but the msi log file that it calls is called HPInc._HPOfficeJetPro9010seriesBasicDeviceSoftware_49.6.4502.206_install.log.

I am then left with both files in my log directory.

What I would like to have happen is I can name the MSI file following the format I have chosen and the only difference is it will also have MSI_LOG added to the name. So the end results would be
HP_Test_install.log and HP_Test_MSI_LOG_install.log both in my log directory.

I am just not sure where I need to edit to adjust this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
For changing the file name of the main log I had to edit the below which lives in the deployment-application.ps1. I do not see another location to edit this in that file and did not see anything that stuck out in the appdeploytoolkitmain.ps1 either.

Variables: Install Titles (Only set here to override defaults set by the toolkit)

[string]$installName =

The log name for msi logs is assembled inside Execute-MSI automatically.
You can override it through the -LogName parameter.

Thanks so much!! Didn’t realize -private:LogName had an alias.I am all good now!!