ServiceUI with required intune assignments

I’m using serviceUI, to show users some info about installation progress, but this is in available assignments.
How can i still use the same installation line (ex: serviceui.exe xxxxxx), in required assignments, and don’t show none information to the user?


I am assuming you are using Intune based on your terminology, but it is probably the same for other deployment platforms
IMHO That is not something you can likely do in the same deployment as there is only one install command that is defined - It’s not based on the targetting (available vs required).
If you need a different installation experience for available vs required you would need to create a second deployment with different Install commands

yep, that’s was my guess…thank for the reply!

In the releases since 3.10.1 there is a new Examples folder

It contains a Invoke-ServiceUI.ps1 script that detects if a user is present or not.

  • If a user exists → it uses ServiceUI.EXE
  • No user → Silent install
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But imagine that i create a required assignment (user could be logged on or not), if the user is logged, he will see those interaction’s, create on the script (show-installationProgres…etc…), and i want on required assignment, that no interaction is made.