Script Installs without user interaction if it executes while screen is locked

I am using the toolkit to prompt users to close word 2010 before installing an update to an addin for Word. So long as SCCM 2012 attempts to run the application while the user is in the UI it pops up and prompts as expected. However, I have run into an odd case: If the screen is locked and the application launches then it will automatically close word without user interaction(potentially losing work product) and then install.

I cannot see anything in the toolkit that says it should do this; any thoughts? I am using the basic script and all I have modified is the application specific pieces as laid out in the documentation example for Adobe Reader.

How did you set up your deployment type? I’ve seen that the toolkit do this when the DT is set to “Install for system” and “Whether or not a user is logged in”. Some talk about breaking out of session 0 with ServiceUI.exe, but I have somewhat left that idea behind now because it simply does not work 100% perfect (…in my environment at least).

What I do for applications that require user interaction is to set the DT to “Install for system” and run “Only when a user is logged in” and check the box “Allow user to view interact with the installation program”.

This however, is not compatible with OSD scenarios, so I set up two applications - one for OSD and one for user driven scenario. They use the same source files but have different config on the DT’s so that I can deploy the application in a correct manner for given circumstances. Since SCCM content libraries has its “smart storage” technology (not sure what the actual name for it is) I don’t see it as a big issue regarding storage on the DP’s.

For administration simplicity I import the applications and create the DTs with the powershell module for SCCM.

My suggestions is of course if you’re utilizing the application model in SCCM, and not package :)…