Running Interactive Deploy-Application BEFORE an SCCM Task Sequence

I think this is more an SCCM question, but I’m not making any headway in that forum. I may just be going about this all wrong.

I need/want to deploy an application via a task sequence. I tweaked Deploy-Application.ps1 with a third DeploymentType called LaunchTS. This simply executes Show-InstallationPrompt to notify the user, that programs will be closed, and that the process will reboot the computer 1-2 times. They can then click Install Now or Install Later. I’d prefer to do this prior to starting the task sequence, so I don’t have a task sequence launch and then hang around waiting for user interaction.

I’ve added this as a program within my SCCM package for this application. It works correctly if I deploy the LaunchTS program as a stand-alone, but SCCM fails to execute it properly when I run as the “Run another program first” on my task sequence. Execmgr.log reports “No accessible source location found for this content.”

Is there a better way to do this?

You could try launching the task sequence from the script: