Question execution of setup in silent mode

Hello guys,

I’m trying to start the installation of a setup file but I can’t get on with it.

powershell works correctly but when I give it the command:

Execute-process -path “$dirfiles\setup.exe” parameters “-s -v -qn”
I always get the screen where it asks me to correctly configure the startup of the setup (see ex-attachment).

can you help me?

By the syntax of your command it looks like an InstallShield Setup.exe.

If so, this might help: MSI - How to install, uninstall, and log silently

If not, I might have to add on to it.

Some installers don’t care about / versus -, but some do. Some installers aren’t case sensitive, but some are. IOW, instead of
-s -v -qn
/S /v /qn

thanks for your answers

@That-Annoying-Guy i’ve extracted the file by the guide and found the msi file. i’ve tried to install the msi with .mst file but the installation failed.

@bahnjee i’ve launched the file with the parameters that you have suggested and it have launched the file msi. now can i set a parameter silent?


Hello guys,

finally i’ve resolved with this syntax:

-Parameters “/S /V"/qn /norestart”"

thank for your support

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