PDQ and PSADT not working?

Hi, I cant get PDQ to work with PSADT. I get “Module does not exist at the specified location” when deploying the ps1 file. I am guessing only the ps1-file is copied over and executed?

Has anyone got it working?

I don’t know what PDQ is but I’m guessing it’s a powershell module.

Where is PSADT located?
Is the module located in C:\Program Files\WindowsPowershell\Modules on the computer where PSADT is executed or is it located in .\Files or .\SupportFiles?
Is the module signed? If not you might want to use -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned before importing it

If the error message is referencing “AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1” then you need to see that the toolkit is present in the same directory as the Deploy-Application.ps1.

It’s easier to determine the solution if one can read the log or the error message, can you upload it?

Hi, After some trial, i managed to solve the problem.

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