Need help to command to kill the process while uninstall

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Iam trying to uninstall the application with silently, but while trigger to .EXE file to uninstall then related to that other window pop-up,If close that pop-up,then it getting successfully uninstalling. Could you please help that command to kill the pop-up while trigger the .EXE file.


You need to find how to programmatically respond to the prompt that’s stopping your uninstall. You likely simply need a silent switch. Depending on the installer technology used, it could be as simple as “/s”.

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Check to see if it’s opening because the process is open and it’s asking to close, you can kill the process.
If not, you can look up on google to do it silently, if it’s a old EXE wrap you can try to create response file and use that.
If nothing works, you can give us the app name and we can try to assist you :slight_smile:

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There is no process running in backend related to this Application.
Its not supported for creating response file and pop-up window coming only coming when trigger the uninstall.exe to uninstall and not proceeding further.If i close this popup window then its getting successful uninstallation.
Application name is XAMPP

Thank you!

A little Googling found this on one of the best sites with example PSADT scripts:



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Actually i tried this before, with this script also same issue getting.

Thank you!

Since it sounds like you can’t find a way to “silence” the popup except killing it you could try running the uninstall.exe “blindly” using Execute-Process with the -NoWait switch (not waiting for it to complete before continuing the script execution), do a loop to check for and kill the popup when it shows and then either do a loop to check for when uninstall.exe is not running anymore or wait some specific time and lastly check if the uninstallation was successful in some way (App folder removed, ARP uninstall registry key removed, etc).

Complicated yes but it could be a solution for you if nothing else works.