Multiple SourceFile locations

Hello PSADT friends,

I have a requirement within an SCCM Application (Deployment) to copy Files (and Folders/Sub Folders) to various locations on the endpoint. Sounds cryptic, let me try explain:

Destination folders include

  • %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Templates\

  • %ProgramData%\FolderName\Destination

  • %ProgramFiles%\FolderName\Destination

I am familiar with the Copy-File or Copy-Item functions, but it looks like I can only specify this once ($dirSourceFiles for example)

Is there a way I can perform repeat file copies?



Hi Matt_Klim,

I’m assuming your question is how to copy the content from a folder included under ‘.\Files’ recursively?

According to your list, here’s how it should look like:

  • Copy-File -Path “$dirFiles\folder1\*” -Destination “$envProgramFilesX86\Microsoft Office\Templates” -Recurse

  • Copy-File -Path “$dirFiles\folder1\*” -Destination “$envProgramData\FolderName\Destination” -Recurse

  • Copy-File -Path “$dirFiles\folder1\*” -Destination “$envProgramFilesX86\FolderName\Destination” -Recurse

Nice one, that inadvertently helped me out - was having issues with -recurse although i had been trying just \ or *.*

soon as i changed to just * like your example it worked perfectly!