Last Deferral automatically executes


I’m using the tool which is great by the way but ran into an interesting scenario. I have the tool setup to check for Office applications if running, and set 3 deferrals for the user, the user is presented with all three and on the last deferral the wrapper goes away, the next time it executes it just starts the installer without any user interaction if none of the applications are open, if they are it present the users with the option to close apps. Is there a way where I could enabled the wrapper prompt to come up with the defer button graded out and the only option is to continue whether or not the the office applications (winword, excel, outlook) are open.

I personally would be against this behaviour - sounds like you are happy to risk losing your users data, I wouldn’t want to be blamed for closing apps without giving the user an option to save


Just add an extra show-prompt when defers are 0 and install is started. This prompt, with warning that defers are gone and install will continue in e.g. 10 minutes.

Not difficult to add.

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