Install for User/System


I’m wondering more specific on how it this works in SCCM, should you choose “Install for User” or “Install for System” (with “Allow user to interact with program” checked).

And why should you choose it? what’s the diffrence between those to? and how does it affect how the toolkit is runned?

I most documents i’ve read, all uses the “Install for system” but the trouble i’m experiencing is with Autodesk products, when i use “Install for System” it failes and leaves the error code

the software change returned error code 0x87d00324 (-2016410844)

This is according to search on google for the detection method being wrong but i’m very sure its not and the application works fine if i choose “Install for User”

This is rather a SCCM related question than a PSAppDeploy. I’m sure you will find more comprehensive answers on microsoft technet.

I’ve actually never created a DT and chosen the “install for user” for any of my application. My first assumption was that it would require my users to be local admins, but a google later and I was wrong… But if it works for you, then do you have an issue anymore?

Return codes are not to be confused with detection methods btw… Your detection method could be anything on the target to prove that “the task is done”… while the return code is generated by the process responsible for installing the DT. So basically… Software Center can report a failure based the return code, but later change the application to installed based on the detection method. In your deployment type you can define your own custom return codes… So if 0x87d00324 is nothing to worry about - add it to your list of return codes on the DT and set it to “Success (no reboot)” or something…

Have you had a look at btw? Might be useful: