Help for Execute-Process

Hi All,

I am new to PSADT. I am trying to install Mictostrategy silently using PSADT. I am using the silent install command and passing the parameters to Execute-Process. But Execute-Process is not taking response file in the silent switch. I am using the below command.

Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\Setup.exe” -Parameters ‘-s’ --responseFile “$dirFiles\Admin_response_custom.ini” -WindowStyle ‘Hidden’

Your syntax is incorrect. String parameter values start and end with quotes or double quotes. If you want a quote or a double quote inside the parameter value, you have to escape them with a backtick `

Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\Setup.exe" -Parameters "-s --responseFile `"$dirFiles\Admin_response_custom.ini`"" -WindowStyle 'Hidden'

Thank you so much. It worked.