Help Doesn't Show - PowerShell Studio

I’m using PowerShell Studio 2020 by Sapien Tech. I have created modules before from the ToolkitMain.ps1 file. The module comes in and works, but my help (show help) is blank on all the modules. I checked the help on the other modules that were built-in and they show up fine.

What can I do to get my help context back? This is extremely helpful in producing packages in a timely manner.



to each function description that you want displayed.

I tried this, adding this to the end of the functions, but still no show in help. I noticed when I expand the first region of the function, the commented block stating the synopsis also show this .Link syntax, but its commented out, but when I would add it to the end of the function and tested, still now show.

Assuming you have the latest version, it should work.

Not sure if you mean that the PS Studio doesn’t recognize these functions or whether you’re using this help window alongside the Studio. If you mean the PS studio then Im not sure how since Im using Visual Studio code with ps extension but these programs need to load the function definitions to work.

PowerShell Studio is recognizing the functions, just not showing the help, see below:

Here is an AD Module that is showing the help. This module has been built in:

Yes but there is currently only one way of adding help to custom functions that I know of, which is being used in the toolkit. Not sure why the Studio isn’t reading them.

I’m running into the same issue did you ever get this resolved?

Hello all, any update on this as I’m still trying to get the help to show up? Since my original post, I’m now using an updated version of PowerShell Studio as well as 3.8.4 of the toolkit.

As I have shown you above, the help text is there and can be loaded by powershell. That is why I have shown you the help window. That help window is a part of the toolkit. It works by dot source-ing the Main.ps1 and then it gets help for each function with our link in it and displays them in the window.
You can use that window for now.

Not sure how PStudio is reading those entries. Maybe they changed something. You could try adding the Main script to your powershell profile or powershell psstudio profile if the program has it. This way it will execute the script on every launch, which should allow you read the help and use the functions.