Get targetpath from shortcuts

If i want to leverage Get-Shortcut to loop through all shortcuts on a users desktop and find specific shortcuts that have a specific target path how could i achieve this?

something like this doesn’t work

foreach($file in $Files){
ShortcutTargetPath = Get-Shortcut -Path "C:\temp\Icon.lnk" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty 'Value' | where "_.Name" = “TargetPath”

I haven’t really played around with 3.8.4 too much yet so I haven’t used the get/set-shortcut function yet. But I have been using this module for a couple of years now and it works great. PowerShell Gallery | PSShortcut 1.0.6.

foreach ($file in $Files) {
    $ShortcutTargetPath = (Get-Shortcut -Path "C:\temp\Icon.lnk").TargetPath
    if ($ShortcutTargetPath -eq $file.FullName) {
    # do stuff