Bug in New-Shortcut with version 3.8.4 and fix

Pulled my hair out for a while when new-shortcut kept giving me the error "Specified path [“Path to my shortcut.lnk”] is not valid. The path was correct, and I tried every syntax alteration I could think of. Even just tried putting it to the root of C: to see if it would work. After successfully using my own shortcut script in PS with wscript.shell to create a shortcut with the same path, I knew something was wrong. After checking the new-shortcut function in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1, on line 4984 where it is synchronizing the .NET current directory with PS working directory, there is the code: [IO.Directory]::SetCurrentDirectory((Get-Location)), which in my mind is just returning the literal path from PS and not the provider path that .NET needs, so I was able to find an example of synching .NET path with PS working directory and came up with this: [IO.Directory]::SetCurrentDirectory((Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem).ProviderPath)

After making this change, new-shortcut worked as expected. So if anyone is having this issue in 3.8.4, making the change to that line will correct it.



Thanks for catching this. Will try to validate this myself when I get some time but if you don’t mind, could you submit a Pull Request on GitHub?

Cheers, Dan

It looks like the Master already has those changes applied, but at least I am learning more about how Github works, lol. So I assume a pull request isn’t needed then?
Thanks for the reply.

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