General Parameters

PSA ver 3.9.3
We are trying to annoy our users as little as possible, so my question is this.
Is it possible to add a general parameter to disable the messageboxses generated by the script that are shown during the deployment process ?

When you say message boxes, I am unsure exactly what you are referring too…
So I will make some assumptions…

This somewhat depends upon which deployment tool you are using to send the app to the users device (SCCM, Intune, other etc…)
In Intune for example you can disable the toast notifications that appear in the Windows 10/11 notification area on a targetting basis (e.g. by a user or device group).

With the PSADT you can also disable the Balloon Notifications by editing the ".\AppDeployToolkit\AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml"

        <!-- [True/False] - Used to turn automatic balloon notifications on or off. -->

You can also customise the Deploy-Application.ps1 script to make it as quiet (or as noisy) as you need, by displaying messaging for the purposes you need.