Exitcode is reset to 0 in the post-installation


I am new to PSADT and have a question about the exit code in the exit script.
I exit my script with an ExitCode but unfortunately it always returns 0 to the deploy-application.exe.

[04-11-2024 08:04:06.493] [install] [Info] :: [IF] Installed version is greater than or equal to
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.509] [Close-InstallationProgress] [Info] :: Bypassing Close-InstallationProgress [Mode: NonInteractive]
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.525] [Exit-Script] [Info] :: Microsoft_EdgeChromium_123.0.2420.81_x64_DE_01 Installation completed with exit code [69101].
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.540] [Exit-Script] [Info] :: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.586] [Post-Installation] [Show-InstallationPrompt] [Info] :: Bypassing Show-InstallationPrompt [Mode: NonInteractive]. Message:You can customize text to appear at the end of an install or remove it completely for unattended installations.
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.602] [Post-Installation] [Close-InstallationProgress] [Info] :: Bypassing Close-InstallationProgress [Mode: NonInteractive]
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.618] [Post-Installation] [Exit-Script] [Info] :: Microsoft_EdgeChromium_123.0.2420.81_x64_DE_01 Installation completed with exit code [0].
[04-11-2024 08:04:06.618] [Post-Installation] [Exit-Script] [Info] :: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How can I change the behavior or skip the post-install after an Exit-Script?

Thank you

I couldn’t find error 69101 in PSADT v3.10.
What version are you running?

Also, Why are you packaging Edge? most people deal with it via Windows updates.

69101 is my own exit code
or have I not understood the meaning of custom exit codes?

We distribute Edge via software distribution because we want to do other things at the same time depending on the Edge after each update

psadt 3.10.0 today updated

Assuming you want the 69101 to get to SCCM,

Try setting $AllowRebootPassThru = $true before you trigger the Edge install.

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Can you post your script snippets if this is still unsolved?