Execute-ProcessAsUser Admin Prompt when running as system via SCCM

We recently locked down our user’s machines by removing local admin rights, however, we seem to be having some issues with applications that need to be run in the user’s context. When creating an application and setting the install behavior to “Install for System”, then running the setup executable using Execute-ProcessAsUser we are getting prompted for Administrator credentials when installing via SCCM even though the application is set to install as system. Any ideas on how to change this behavior?

Execute-ProcessAsUser -Path “$dirFiles\HighQ Drive Setup.exe” -Parameters “/quiet” -Wait

Execute-ProcessAsUser creates a scheduled task that does in fact run as the logged in user and therefore, that process runs with the same rights as the user. Have you tried using the -RunLevel switch? -RunLevel ‘HighestAvailable’ I doubt that’s going to work, but it’s worth a try.