$dirFiles path not found

So basically I am trying to copy . properties file from $dirFiles to C:\Myfolder
But I get the error that $dirFile path not found
Here’s the code:
Copy-Item -Path “$dirFiles\Response_File\abc.properties” -Destination "C:\Myfolder\folder1\ "

Your code:
Copy-Item -Path "$dirFiles\Response_File\abc.properties" -Destination "C:\Myfolder\folder1\"
should have worked if your abc.properties file was in your \Files\Response_File\ folder.

Do you have a \Response_File\ folder in your \Files\ folder?

Also, you should be using PSADT’s Copy-File function as it will log successes and errors. The native Copy-Item will not show results in your logs and will not create the C:\Myfolder\folder1\ folders if they do not exist.

I have it in a PSADT “Files” folder