Copy-File doesn't create path if Destination is a file

I’m having a problem with Copy-File. I’m trying to rename the file as I copy it, and it appears that if the destination is a file, it does not create the path if necessary.

I’m basing this off the issues I’m experiencing and this from Copy-File

If ((-not ([IO.Path]::HasExtension($Destination))) -and (-not (Test-Path -LiteralPath $Destination -PathType 'Container'))) {
     Write-Log -Message "Destination folder does not exist, creating destination folder [$destination]." -Source ${CmdletName}
     $null = New-Item -Path $Destination -Type 'Directory' -Force -ErrorAction 'Stop'

Is that correct? or am I doing something wonky?

That is correct. Looks like it assumes the directory already exists when you are copying file/s.
Looks like a bug to me.