Detection Mode issues with app type I haven't seen before


I’m running into roadblocks trying to deploy an app that’s a little different than other apps we’ve deployed into the past - this particular app is installed via a stub app that downloads the full app and installs it in the user profile (similar to Microsoft Teams, if you’ve ever dealt with that) - this presents a few problems, as the detection mode is a bit wonky. The app is Accruent EMS - one deployment we’re looking to implement will uninstall an older MSI version of EMS where I can just put the Windows installer guid in the detection mode to see the older version for uninstall, the other deployment would be the newer version, so I would put a %userprofile% type variable in the detection mode (I actually tried doing both in SCCM to no avail, attempting to detect the older MSI version for PCs that have the older version, and the newer profile based version for machines that have the new version) - I hope I’m making sense with that. Here are some screenshots that I hope help explain my situation a bit:

SCCM portion:


PS App deploy portion: (the undisplayed portions of the Deploy-Application.ps1 file are default)

I’m curious to see what happens with the 150kb stub deployment (EMSApplication.exe) that calls to a website grabs before I go further - ultimately the stub install downloads the following files:


and places them into the current user’s profile instance (c:\Users%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\EMS2016)

hypothetically I could have psappdeploy place those files into the %userprofile% and run the autoupdate.exe to update it, but I haven’t got that far yet - I’m stuck at the detection mode portion.

Feel free to ask me for more details

Thanks for any help you can provide!