Deploy-Application.exe want to use custom parameters

Hi Experts,

I want custom parameter with Deploy-Application.exe

For example : We have single citrix application (Receiver), Each region we have to deploy with custom url.

I have created the .bat file for 4 different region. now my issue is how can I create single package and give the parameter for each batch file?

Hi Deepak,

can’t you get the location from the Computername?

We got one Single Receiver Package and have a config for each location and the Location is generated on the runtime of the package.


You could try this. Add an additional variable in the Param block of you Deploy-Application.ps1 file.

Param (
[string]$DeploymentType = ‘Install’,
[string]$DeployMode = ‘Interactive’,
[switch]$AllowRebootPassThru = $false,
[switch]$TerminalServerMode = $false,
[switch]$DisableLogging = $false,

    # Custom citrix URL
    [string]$CustomURL = 'https://locationToDefaultCitrixSite'


In your installation parameters for citrix you can call for $CustomURL.

The bat files you created can now have something like this configured:

Deploy-Application.exe -CustomURL http://Someothercitrixsite

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