Copy from ccmcache to roaming user profile


My code is to copy one xml file to user appdata folder but I am unable to copy files directly.

When I tried using active setup it just opens up a blank cmd window and gets stuck there and nothing happens, how do I copy files from ccmcache to appdata user folder.

If we need to do this we use a second appDeploy toolkit where in the config xml the line “<Toolkit_RequireAdmin>True</Toolkit_RequireAdmin>” is changed to “<Toolkit_RequireAdmin>False</Toolkit_RequireAdmin>”, and in that toolkit you have all your user related stuff in (files to copy). In the script that runs under the system account copy that toolkit from the files<whatever> folder to somewhere on the C-drive (ex. C:\programdata<yourcompany><youractivesetup>) where the user can reach it. Then create the activesetupkey that points to the deploy-application.exe underneath c:\programdata. when using the Set-Activesetup command it will be executed automatically for the user logged on. New users will get it through the local toolkit and active setup.

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