-CloseAppsCountdown is getting stuck

Downloaded the new version of the ToastNotification Extension to test, and when the -CloseAppsCountdown clock hits zero, it is not force-closing VLC media player. The toast notification will stay with the clock at zero, and the log will keep printing the below line until I click “Close applications” on the toast notification. Anyone have any ideas?

[Pre-Installation] :: Toast Notification result [Close], close application(s) countdown timer has elapsed. Force closing application(s). Show-WelcomePrompt 3/29/2023 11:53:26 AM 12748 (0x31CC)

If you mean this PSADT.ToastNotification Extension - The Toolkit / Extensions - PSAppDeployToolkit Community then you will have to contact the author.

PSADT does not directly support extensions written by others.
If they get integrated into PSADT, then it’s a different story.

Hi there!

As @That-Annoying-Guy said in his reply, the third party extension is not supported officially. Please submit a new issue in the github.

By the way, the bug has been resolved in v1.1.1 :slight_smile: Thank you!

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